2005 Oliver!

Performance dates: 
14th-16th July 2005
Performance times: 
Britvic theatre, Licensed Victuallers' School

"Oliver" is based in Dickens's famous classic Oliver Twist, the tale of a starving workhouse waif who dares to ask for more! For such 'ingratitude' he is sold to an undertaker where his life becomes more wretched. He runs away to London and is found by the Artful Dodger, a youthful pickpocket, who introduces him to Fagin and his band of young thieves. The Dodger steals from Mr. Brownlow and Oliver is blamed, but Mr Brownlow shows compassion and takes him into his own home where the boy receives kindness for the first time in his life. Meanwhile Bill Sykes, Fagin's villainous associate, fearing that Oliver will disclose their activities, has him brought back to Fagin's den. Nancy intervenes and pays for it with her life. However the thieves are finally run to earth and Oliver's true identity is discovered.

Cast list: 



Alex Goodwin


Tim Uffindell

Mr Bumble


Bill Chislett

Mrs Corney


Julia Garvey

Mr Sowerberry


David Wood

Mrs Sowerberry



Charlotte Sowerberry


Hannah Duncan

Peter Fellows


Noah Claypole

Rose Seller


Suzanne Andrews

Rose Seller


Valerie Ryalls



Sally Smith

Strawberry Seller


Rachael Watson

Knife Grinder/Chairman


John Woodward-Roberts



Robert Everett



Abi Comber



Holly Everett



Peter Harris

Andrew Noble


Charlie Bates

Bill Sykes


Rick Comber

Mr Brownlow


Mike Austell

Dr. Grimwig


Alan Everett

Mrs Bedwin


Sylvia Knox

Old Sally -


Maz Down




Suzanne Andrews, Abi Comber, Maz Down, Hannah Duncan, Holly Everett, Rosemary Everett, Luisa Fernandez, Julia Garvey, Louise Humphrey, Sylvia Knox, Pauline Richardson, Valerie Ryalls, Sally Smith, Rachel Watson, Zoe Uffindell, Rachel Kingcott, Mike Austell, Richard Batcheler, Alan Everett, Bill Chislett, Peter Harris, Jeremy Kirwan, Chris Schwaner, David Wood, John Woodward-Roberts.




Workhouse Children and Fagin's Gang

Amy Bannerman, Martha Collison, Bethany Connor, Jasmine Cummings, Abi Everett, Amanda Everett, Georgie Everett, Robert Everett, Aimee Frost, Ella Frost, Alex Goodwin, Caleb Kingcott, Mary Kingcott, Sophie Lamden, Yazmin Lamden, Ellie Lansley, Andrew Noble, Ashleigh Owens, Fiona Sawers, Lindsay Sawers, Alice Sherritt, Edward Smith, Georgina Smith, Zara Spencer, Bethany Perrins, Joshua Uffindell, Tim Uffindell, Beth Wescombe, Sarah Hadden

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